Contract Manufacturing:
High quality. Exact specifications.


Here at Dairytown, we’re famous for our butter. Our butter is unmatched in quality and taste, and has won numerous national and international awards. We provide commercial brands with varieties of our butter, allowing them to bring our signature fresh taste to their customers.

All of our milk arrives fresh daily from local dairies. The milk is immediately processed into butter and other products, locking in the fresh taste we’re known for.

Our butter is available to commercial brands in a number of varieties, including salted, unsalted, demi-sel, and cultured. We will work with your brand’s specifications for production, packaging, and shipping to ensure that the butter you’re provided with meets your exact requirements. We are flexible when it comes to processing, packaging, and shipping, and will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Our butter is available in the following standard retail size units:

(cultured only)
454g 2.5kg

If you require non-standard size units, we will work with you to meet your size specifications. We can ship virtually any quantity of retail unit.

For more information on our contract manufacturing services, please contact us.