Contract Manufacturing:
High quality. Exact specifications.

Instant Skim Milk Powder

Dairytown produces instant skim milk powder for commercial brands. We provide our customers with instant skim milk powder to meet their brand specifications, and can take care of the entire process, from production to shipping, or come in at any point in the process.

Our instant skim milk powder can be produced to meet virtually any recipe, bulk density, or packaging requirements. Our facilities are large enough to produce large quantities of instant skim milk powder, but small enough to allow us some flexibility in terms of unit sizes and other unique requirements. We do everything we can to accommodate our clients’ requests, and will find ways to make even the most unusual specifications possible.

We happily comply with client audits and requests for samples of the instant skim milk powder we produce for them. We stand behind the quality of our products and are always willing to work with clients to ensure the integrity of their brand is maintained.