Dairytown Products:
Award-winning dairy products.


Dairytown butter is unlike any other. Having been awarded such prestigious honours as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s Canada’s Best Butter award and the World Butter & Cheese Championship’s World’s Best Butter award, we are recognized by our customers and peers for our butter’s outstanding taste and quality. Available in salted, unsalted, demi-sel, and cultured varieties, Dairytown produces butter which is sold in retail stores and is also available in larger quantities to bakeries and other further processors.

Because our facility is located in the heart of the New Brunswick dairy region, all of our milk is local and arrives fresh daily. The milk is processed into butter as quickly as possible using some of the best equipment available to the industry. This is what gives our butter its high quality and fresh, pure taste.

Dairytown butter is available at major grocery retailers across Atlantic Canada.