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New Freezer Nearing Completion

July 3rd, 2013

Freezer Construction Outside

We're working on building a new freezer here at Dairytown. At 4800 square feet, the new freezer will be double the size of our existing one. The new freezer will have a wooden frame, exterior metal cladding, and interior insulating panels. It will keep our dairy products at temperatures between -15 and -18 C.

We still intend on using our existing freezer, but for slightly different purposes. It will be divided into two sections, with one being used to begin the freezing process of fresh butter. The fresh butter will enter the freezer at temperatures of about 10 C, and once it has dropped to around -15 C, the butter will be moved to the new freezer for storage.

Freezer Construction Inside

The second section of the existing freezer will be used to temper frozen, bulk butter. This freezer section will bring the deeply frozen butter up to temperatures of around -5 C, after which it will be processed into smaller, retail-sized packages.

The new freezer will not only be larger, but more technologically advanced. It will use residual heat from the compressors to heat the floor, preventing cracking from permafrost.

We expect to have the new freezer in use in July of 2013.

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