Private Label Products:
Preserving your brand's integrity.

Private Label Products

Major retailers want the integrity and quality of their brand to come through in their private label products. At Dairytown, everything we produce is of the same high quality, whether it’s sold under our own label or yours. All of our private label products are made to meet our clients’ standards as well, ensuring the integrity of their brand is maintained.

We take great care to ensure our facilities follow strict maintenance and safety standards. This helps us maintain the quality of our products, and also reduces incidents that could impede timeliness or drive costs up. We are Kosher certified, and have SQF 200 Level 3 and HACCP certifications. We work hard to maintain these certifications, ensuring that the quality of our products always meets the expectations of our clients.

We manufacture and package according to the store’s specifications. We work with our clients to produce packaging based on their existing branding. We understand that branding and packaging are integral part of a company’s identity, so we ensure that we’re always equipped to to produce packaging according to their exact specifications.

Product delivery can be handled by us or by the client’s delivery service. Whichever method the client chooses, we ensure that deliveries are prepped and made on time, every time. We understand how a delayed delivery can set off a chain of wasted time and resources, so we take steps to ensure deliveries are on time and reliable, contributing to the overall value of our private label services.

Our private label products include: