Private Label Products:
Preserving your brand's integrity.


Dairytown produces several varieties of butter for private label retail. Readily available in salted, unsalted, demi-sel, and cultured varieties, our butter can also be custom produced to meet our clients’ specifications.

We take seriously each client’s relationship with their customers. We produce private label butter, along with the packaging, to meet each client’s requirements for quality.

We understand that in the private label business, precision is everything. Deliveries need to be made on time and prices must be consistent to preserve the integrity of the brand. We take every precaution we can to ensure processing and delivery go as planned, eliminating any unpleasant surprises or unexpected costs.

Fresh milk is delivered daily to us from local farms. Our cream is skimmed off immediately, and processed while still fresh. This gives our butter the high-quality taste we’re known for. Our butter production facilities are brand new and equipped with only the best processing machinery, allowing us to maintain quality at high production numbers.

Our butter has received numerous awards, including World’s Best Butter from the World Butter & Cheese Championship and Canada’s Top Butter from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. We receive awards for our butter on a consistent, annual basis, which we attribute to our commitment to consistently high quality.

Our butter is currently available for private label retail in the following size units:

250g 454g 25kg

We can produce and ship any quantity of retail units.